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Which HOKA running and hiking shoes suit you?

Updated: May 20, 2021

More and more people in Aruba are running and hiking! TRI-BIKE ARUBA is the exclusive dealer of HOKA, one of the leading brands in the industry. HOKA initially developed shoes for trail and ultra runners who immediately embraced the brand because of the cushioning and inherent stability of the shoes. Today HOKA offers a very versatile range of running shoes for different types of runners on different surfaces, and even hiking shoes. In this blog we take you through the entire range. This way you will find out which HOKA shoes suit you best, with your goals and your running or hiking style in mind.

Discover the extensive collection

The running shoes from HOKA can be divided into different categories: Glide, Fly and Sky. The shoes from the Glide collection are known for their maximum cushioning, the lightweight shoes can be found in the Fly collection and with the shoes from the Sky category you have the best grip on every surface. Are you more into hiking? Check out the Hiking category!

Glide - Maximum cushioning

The Glide category running shoes are known for HOKA’s very good cushioning, soft feel and natural and smooth gait. Within the Glide category, the collection can be divided into 'neutral' and 'antipronation'.

Bondi 7 - Neutral

The most cushioned shoe in the HOKA road-shoe lineup, is the game-changing Bondi 7. It delivers a smooth, balanced ride over any distance.

Clifton 7 - Neutral

The Clifton 7 is designed for your daily training and run. The shoes offer a lot of comfort and a soft walking experience.

Clifton Edge - Neutral

The Clifton Edge is designed to help you feel like you can run forever. With a combination of responsive cushion and HOKA's softest, lightest foam yet, it features a snappy ride and unique heel geometry designed to provide a smooth impact and gliding sensation. Clifton Edge is a culmination of all of HOKA's innovation to date. Step into the future.

Gaviota 3 - Antipronation

Delivering signature comfort synonymous with HOKA, the Gaviota 3 offers maximal cushioning and maximal support. Geared for a wide variety of athletes, this reliable road shoe was engineered to provide a balanced ride over any distance. Because the J-shape of the sole runs from the inside of the foot along the heel to the outside, the sole carries the name 'J-Frame'. The J-Frame uses a foam with a higher density. The high density provides more stability and effectively supports the heel and inside of the foot. This stimulates a smooth and natural settlement of the feet.

Arahi 5 - Antipronation

With every iteration, the Arahi 5 rewrites history as a different class of support shoe. Boasting a seemingly contradictory combination of maximum cushioning and minimal weight, the Arahi 5 delivers a soft, smooth alternative to traditional support shoes.

Fly - Lightweight speed

This category is all about speed. The Fly collection is characterized by ProFly. A midsole that provides a soft landing and a responsive feel. Within the Fly collection, there are models with a carbon fiber plate: the X-models.

Elevon 2

The Elevon 2 is a premium trainer that provides cushion and a secure ride. It features great support in the midfoot and forefoot and has asymmetrical internal support wings for an individualized fit. It includes soft cushion to emphasize that step-in comfort plus an extended heel for smoother transitions. Both responsive and cushioned, the Elevon 2 is a trainer that allows you to pick up the pace or take it slow for recovery.

Mach 3

The Mach 3 is a first-class stability shoe with very good cushioning. The shoes give you a responsive feeling and are lightweight.

Carbon X2

Positioned as an endurance racer, the Carbon X2 delivers propulsive speed in an adaptable silhouette geared for training and racing alike. Engineered with a responsive, carbon fiber plate and aggressive Meta-Rocker, this performance shoe is a formidable competitor.

Rocket X

One of the most energetic shoes HOKA has launched to date, the Rocket X is an incredibly lightweight, insanely responsive racer geared for elite athletes. The lightest racing flat in the HOKA lineup, this all-speed shoe is engineered to launch off the line. Primed for shorter distances, the Rocket X utilises the same respons