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What Garmin watch is the best for me?

Garmin is the most premium and leading brand in the world for swimming, cycling and running watches and devices. At TRI-BIKE ARUBA, we've been selling Garmin in our shop for many years. With our expertise we can recommend the Garmin watch that you will need to reach your goals. In this blog we will highlight the most popular models from the Garmin collection, that we have available in our shop.

Fēnix Series

The Fēnix is already up for it’s 6th generation: the Fēnix 6. The Fēnix 6 ​​can be divided into 3 types: the 6, 6S and the 6X, which represent the different sizes of the watch. The three different sizes all have the same specifications and technologies, they only differ in size. The size of the Fēnix ​​6S housing is 42 x 42 mm. The Fēnix ​​6 has a size of 47 x 47 mm and the Fēnix ​​6X of 51 x 51 mm. The size of the case can be important. For women or men with a narrow wrist, a large watch can feel uncomfortable. Then the Fēnix ​​6S with its slightly smaller size is a good choice. Do you have slightly wider wrists or do you just like a large clock? Then the Fēnix ​​6 or 6X may be a better choice. All 6 models, both the 6S and the 6 and 6X offer the same options (if we don't look at the colors). The size of the watches does affect the battery life, because the size of the battery is (logically) different. For comparison; the battery of the 6S lasts 9 days in smartwatch mode, where the battery of the 6 lasts 14 days in the same mode and the 6X lasts 21 days.

At TRI-BIKE ARUBA, we have the Fēnix available in the Pro and Sapphire editions. The difference between the Fēnix ​​6 Pro and the Fēnix ​​6 Sapphire is in the glass used for the lens. The Fēnix ​​6 Pro models use Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The Fēnix ​​6 Sapphire models use very strong and scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal. The Pro and Sapphire editions offer some additional options over the standard versions. The Pro and Sapphire watches also include preloaded navigation maps and turn-by-turn navigation. With the Trendline Popularity Routing you can enter a desired distance and the watch puts some routes together for you. The Pro and Sapphire models also include the PacePro function that calculates your walking pace at different slopes. These sports watches also differ from the standard Fēnix ​​6 line in terms of music. The Fēnix ​​6 can be connected to your Spotify account via your phone. Music apps such as Spotify are preloaded on the Fēnix ​​6 Pro and Fēnix ​​6 Sapphire models. So you can access these apps from your watch. In addition to streaming music via these apps, you can also save music tracks on your wearable.

The Fēnix ​​6 measures your heart rate via the wrist under water, which is an improvement compared to the previous model. All Garmin Fēnix ​​6 models also include the Pulse Ox sensor. This sensor measures the oxygen saturation in your blood. This can be important information during training at high altitude. Multi-GPS support has become standard for the Fēnix ​​6 series. All sports watches determine your location using GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO. In addition to all these ingenious technologies, the Fēnix ​​6 sports watches measure (of course) all the information you want to know. Think of your VO2 Max, your recovery time, different training thresholds and much more. Finally, all Fēnix ​​6 models offer the Incident Detection option. When an accident is detected, the built-in accident detection automatically forwards your last known location to contact details that you preset.

Venu & Vívoactive Series

We decided to take the Venu and Vívoactive together, because they have pretty much in common. The Venu is a new series in the Garmin family. The Vívoactive is already in it’s 4th generation with the Vívoactive 4 & Vívoactive 4S.

Both types use the same ways to track your health: via Body Battery, Pulse Ox and Incident Detection. The Body Battery function is a representation of your energy level. They calculate this based on your heart rate, stress level, sleep cycle and the activity tracker. We already described the great functions Pulse Ox and Incident Detection with the Fēnix series. The features are available in both the Venu and the Vívoactive 4.

Both the Venu and Vívoactive 4 watch offer you the opportunity to exercise without a trainer. For example, different workouts can be followed via the display on the watch. The Venu and Vívoactive 4 offer strength training, cardio, yoga and pilates. To give the runners among us the right support, Garmin also has Garmin Coach. Via Garmin Coach there is access to various training schedules to run a 5K, 10K or half marathon. These training schedules are adapted to your performance during training. This way you always have a personal training schedule. In addition to the animated workouts and training schedules, both watches have more than 20 built-in activities,like walking, running, cycling, swimming, golf and yoga.

There are already many similarities to the Venu, the Vívoactive 4 and 4s, but what are the differences? This is immediately visible when you put the models side by side. The Venu has an amoled screen, which ensures constant brightness and good video display. Of course, this does affect the battery life. The Vívoactive series lasts longer in terms of battery, namely up to 8 days in smartwatch mode, where the Venu lasts 5 days in smartwatch mode. In terms of dimensions, the Vívoactive 4s is the smallest, namely 40 x 40 x 12.7 mm. The Venu falls just in between the two Vívoactive models, namely 43 x 43 x 12 mm. The Vívoactive 4 is the largest of these three, namely 45.1 x 45.1 x 12.8 mm.

The Garmin Venu and Vívoactive 4 both offer features from higher segments. They offer all kinds of possibilities to get the best out of your day. Whether that day is an active day or a recovery day, these watches support it. Thanks to the Spotify app on the watch, you no longer have to take a phone with you during exercise. This way you can listen to music (wireless) via the watch, with compatible bluetooth earphones (keep in mind that not all earphones are compatible). The accurate GPS, a reliable heart rate monitor and the advanced techniques give you confidence in the watch and yourself. To make it even better, the watches are easy to operate due to the touchscreen screen.

Forerunner Series

The Forerunner Series is one of the widest series within the Garmin collection. The leading model within this series is the Forerunner 945, available as ‘watch only’ and ‘tri-bundle’. This model is developed with top-triathletes in mind. The 945 watch is the successor to the 935. The Forerunner 945 is Garmin's most comprehensive watch. This is about the different options and apps, but also the data that is recorded during the training.

The diameter of the Forerunner 945 is 47 mm. The weight is also very good of this 945 with 50 grams. The battery life has also been considered. The battery lasts up to 2 weeks if you use the smartwatch mode. If you use GPS with music, you can count on 10 hours and if you leave out the music during a training where GPS is measured, it will last up to 36 hours.

In addition to a sports watch, it is also a smartwatch with which you can, for example, read messages and see telephone calls come in. You cannot have a conversation with it, you do that via your phone. There is also the option to listen to music. Not only through an app like Spotify, but also locally stored music. The Forerunner 945 has an internal memory that can store about a thousand songs. So, after pairing with Bluetooth earphones, you always have music at hand.

A lot of data is measured by the 945 during exercise. For each sport, there is a different profile available, and not just for running, cycling or swimming. There is also a separate profile for hiking, climbing, skiing, paddle boarding, golfing or kayaking (to name just a few). Different values ​​are measured and displayed depending on the profile. The heart rate is measured directly on your wrist via the optical sensor on the back. The most important features and specifications (and we just mention a few…) are: full-colour display, GPS, altimeter, compass, thermometer, Pulse Ox, Bluetooth, ANT +, WiFi, weather, music storage, pedometer, speed, Vo2 Max, training load, Strava functions, stress test, cycling map and Incident Detection.

Another popular model within the Forerunner series is the Forerunner 45. The Forerunner 45 is designed with the starting runner in mind. No complicated features, but clear information. As a starting runner, an overdose of information can really upset you. Data about your pace, distance, heart rate and intervals are more than sufficient. But, also for a trained runner, that can be enough information. Don't like elaborate and complicated technology? Then the Forerunner 45 is your favourite multisport companion.

The Forerunner 45 is available in a ‘normal’ and a ‘small’ version, the 45S. The 45S variant contains a case with a size of 39mm and is ideal for women and men with smaller wrists (circumference of 124-185mm). The normal version is slightly larger with a case of 42 mm and falls smoothly around a wrist of 129-197 mm.

Less is more. By this we don't mean that the Forerunner 45 is "just" a simple watch. On the contrary, this multisport watch actually measures everything you would like to know. Your heart rate is measured by the Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate monitor. But also your VO2 max, cadence and acceleration are registered. The GPS function is connected to GLONASS and Galileo. In other words; The Forerunner 45 is very capable of accurately tracking your running lap, whether you are doing interval training or a long endurance run. The multisport watch also functions as a smartwatch. For example, you can receive notifications from your smartphone on your watch and you can control the music on your phone with your watch. The 45 also has Incident Detection.

Instinct Series

The Instinct is the true adventurer within the Garmin family, and available in two versions: the ‘normal’ Instinct and the Instinct Tactical. There are very few differences between the models, which are completely software based. The only small design difference is that the tactical editions include the word tactical on top of the watch face display. The Tactical has the following extra functions in software: Dual Position Format Display, Night Vision Mode, Stealth Mode and Jumpmaster.

This Instinct is robust, temperature, shock and water resistant, making it perfect for all kinds of outdoor use. The watch contains many activity profiles for optimal training and registration, whatever sport you practice.

The watch can be used for all kind of activities: trail running, cycling, hiking, winter sports (but most likely you won’t practice that on Aruba 😉) and marine training. Or maybe you just want to measure your activities in daily life, then the Garmin Instinct is also suitable. With the built-in heart rate measurement, you can see exactly in which heart rate zones you have trained and how you can improve workouts. So whether it's the most extreme outdoor activities or your daily movements, the Garmin Instinct records them all.

Are you interested in buying a Garmin, or do you have any questions left? Visit our shop, contact us via this page, or give us a call on +297 585 2734!

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