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Safety first when riding your bike

We see a lot of people riding their bikes these days. We are super excited that the bike is more and more important in everyone’s daily exercise program, because sharing the passion is what it’s all about. We want you to reach your goals with our expertise and knowledge, but, even more important, we want you to reach them safe. We would like to share a few advices that will make riding your bike more safe (and therefore more fun!).

1. Wear a helmet

Probably the most obvious tool that can protect you from serious injuries, is wearing a helmet. Make sure that the helmet fits well (not too loose or too tight) and is in good condition. Check regularly to see if it needs to be replaced: you need a new one when there is visible damage, after a shock or just after five years of use.

2. Make sure that you are seen

With the heat on Aruba, a lot of people are training in the early morning or the late evening. It is darker at that time, so you are less visible. Make sure that other road users notice you, by using bike lights or wearing reflecting clothes. We recommend you to use your lights also during day-time, you better be seen well.

3. Keep your bike in good condition

Keeping your bike in good condition, can help reduce the chance of an accident. Before leaving for a ride, check whether your brakes are working properly. Next to that, make sure that your tires have the right pressure, and that they are in good condition. In general, the narrower the tires, the higher the tension. With thick mountain bike tires you can keep it between 2.0 bar/29 psi and 3.5 bar/50 psi (depending on your weight and the surface that you are riding on), but with the narrower tires of a road bike you need at least 6 bar/87 psi.

4. Safety starts with you

When you ride your bike responsibly, you will go a long way (safely). Respect the rules of precedence and ride defensively, it will increase your safety in traffic. Know that the braking distance of cars is a lot bigger than yours on your bike.

A responsible attitude together with a bike in good condition and some precautions: this keeps you riding your bike safely on our One Happy Island. Enjoy!

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