Sinterklaas is back on our One Happy Island!

This year, there wasn't a big entry of Sinterklaas in the harbour of Oranjestad. Sinterklaas arrived in a rubber boat with the help of the emergency services. He is currently visiting the children of Aruba as often as possible.


To help him a little bit, we offered him the chance to fill the shoes of the kids in our shop in Santa Cruz. And he said: "What a great idea!"

Sinterklaas suggested that all Aruban kids could 'download' a colouring page shoe from our website or pick one up in the shop. All the kids that color the shoe, cut it out, fold it, stick it together and bring it back to TRI-BIKE, will get Sinterklaas treats from him on December 5!

Download your coloring page by clicking on the following button:


Macuarima 88F, Santa Cruz, Aruba / +297 585 2734